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Take a look in your closest. There are probably loads of clothes that if you give a little TLC and time can look like something new. Revamping your wardrobe doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Style shouldn’t have a price. Because I like to keep things simple, Think Outside the Cloth will easily show you that with little creative thinking you can get a lot done with your wardrobe.

The posts I’ll be sharing,

DIY– Learn how to make items and add your own creative touch.

Fashion Tips –  Basically words of advice for your wardrobe. Learn how to keep your clothes and accessories looking their best.

Fashion Tricks – Work with what you’ve got to create a different look. Here you’ll find quick and easy adjustments to revamp your wardrobe and add a dash of character.

Plus, lots of pics on how to get it all done.

I started this blog to share my tips and experimentation with clothing, and making things. In all honesty, grocery shopping is my favourite type of shopping. Revamping what I already have saves me from a lot of mall trips LOL. I love continually learning and experiencing new things and this blog gives me an avenue to do just that.

Join me on the journey as I Think Outside the Cloth.

All photographs were taken by myself unless otherwise mentioned.

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