Tank Top Transformation



Sometimes when I feel like I can’t find anything to wear I like to Think Outside the Cloth and find different ways to wear one piece of clothing. This trick is a quick and easy way to transform your tank tops into a bra-crop top.

The Steps


  1. Remove your arm from one side of the strap.
  2. Pull the strap down to the bottom of the shirt.
  3. Pull the strap under the bottom of the shirt, and pick up the strap from the inside.
  4. Put your arm back through the strap.
  5. The top will now be crossed in the front and back of the shirt. Move the crossed part to the middle.
  6. Adjust so that it’s even on both sides.

Here are some photos of when I’ve used this trick in an outfit.

Crop top

I stuck dangle earrings in the middle of this top to add some shine. Check out my 7 Alternate Jewellery Uses for more tips.

img_1044-e1404432934913 copy

Do you ever wear one piece of clothing in different ways? Share in a comment below πŸ™‚



DIY Graphic Print Shirt



This DIY is a super easy way to add some character to a plain shirt. This project was inspired by P.S. I Made This Printed Jeans. Since this was my first time using fabric paint I decided to keep it simple, but I’m definitely going to try this again with a more intricate pattern. I love the textured effect the sponge gives.

The Supplies

Plain Shirt
Fabric Paint
Piece of cardboard

The Steps

Draw the outline of whatever shape you want to imprint on the sponge. I (obviously) decided on a heart.

Cut out the shape.

sponge cut out

Place the piece of cardboard in between the shirt so the paint does not soak through to the back.

Take the fabric paint and apply it evenly on your sponge shape.

Press the sponge down on the shirt.
Repeat, evenly reapplying the paint to the sponge when necessary.

Optional: Once I was finished I added some dots of gold coloured fabric paint.


-EssDotElle ❀


Trick β€” Top 2 Bottom



Get two different looks from one piece. Put on a cute top and wear your tube top as a skirt.


Trick β€” T-Shirt to Tank



Revamp your neglected, (or in my case) awkward fitting t-shirts and give them a little love. This trick is a super easy, no-sew method which will turn your tee into an edgier looking tank.

Click to Learn the Trick –>

Trick β€” Seamly Sleeveless


Sleveless trick3

Pull this little trick to get a different look for your sleeveless shirts.

The Supplies

  • Ribbon
    You can pick some at a dollar store, fabric store, or Walmart
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins (optional)

Click for the Trick