Trick — Seamly Sleeveless

Sleveless trick3

Pull this little trick to get a different look for your sleeveless shirts.

The Supplies

      • Ribbon
        You can pick some at a dollar store, fabric store, or Walmart
      • Scissors
      • Safety pins (optional)

The Steps

The first (black) top was worn backwards because the back is cut into a V-neck.

  1. Cut two 12 inch pieces of ribbon.
  2. Bunch or twist the shirt together.
    SLeeve step 2
  3. Tie the ribbon semi-loosely around the base of where the shirt was bunched or twisted.
    Slevee step4
  4. Move the tied part to the inside of the shirt.
  5. Wrap the ribbon upwards.
    Sleeveless step5
  6. Once your done wrapping take the end of the ribbon to the inside part of the shirt and pull it through the tied part where you started.
    sleevless step 6
  7. Tuck the end of the ribbon inside your shirt.
  8. Optional: The ribbon should hold but you can use a safety pin to secure the ribbon to the inside of your shirt.



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