Trick — T-Shirt to Tank


Revamp your neglected, (or in my case) awkward fitting t-shirts and give them a little love. This trick is a super easy, no-sew method which will turn your tee into an edgier looking tank.

The supplies

Non-permanent marker

The Steps

Turn your shirt inside out. Draw lines for where you are going to cut off the sleeves, use the ruler to make sure both sides meet at the same point.

Tee step 2

Cut off the sleeves. Stretch out the cut material to hide any rough edges.

At the back half of the shirt cut about half an inch off the top. Stretch out the cut material.

tee step2

Lining up the seams, fold the shirt in half. Angle the ruler on the back of the shirt to make a half a V. Draw a diagonal line with the marker.


While the shirt is still folded. Cut strips about the width of your thumb to the drawn line. Continuing down to the bottom of the V.


Unfold the shirt and stretch each cut strip.


Flip the shirt so that it’s no longer inside out. If you just like the look of the cuts you can stop here. Continue reading to learn how to weave the strips.

Take the 2nd strip and pull it underneath the 1st strip.


Pull the 3rd strip through the hole of the 1st and 2nd strip.


While keeping your fingers in the hole of the 1st and 3rd strip, pick up the 4th strip and pull it through the hole.

Continue the weaving by picking up the next strip below and pulling it through the hole of the previous strips.The the strips will begin to weave, pull the weaving to the sides.

Weave step2

When you’re down to the last strip cut it in half.


Loop the cut pieces under the last strip below it.

Tie the ends of the cut pieces together in a double knot.

And you’re done 🙂


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