7 Alternate Jewellery Uses


Think Outside the Cloth and try these 7 different ways to wear your jewellery. Get more looks from one piece, and add a little extra sparkle and shine to your clothing and accessories.

  1. Necklace as a Belt

ABout me pic

Take a long durable necklace, add some ribbon and tie it to the back of your waist.

2. Dangle Earrings in Tops or Swimwear


Stick your long dangle earrings in your tops, or swimwear if you’re lounging by the pool or beach. I don’t suggest swimming with the earrings in.

3. Bracelet as an Anklet


Wear your clasp bracelets as an anklet with your favorite pair of shoes.

4. Necklace Shoulder Wrap


Wrap your necklace around your one-shoulder tops or dresses. Use safety pins on the inside of the garment to hold the necklace and any pendants.

5. Brooch for Spaghetti Straps


Use a brooch to pin together the back straps of your spaghetti top or dresses. This is especially useful if the straps are too long.

6. Chain Around Purse Strap


Take your long clasp chains and wrap them around the strap of your purse. Use a safety pin to hold the end that doesn’t have a clasp.

7. Clip On Earrings on Shoes


Quickly add some dazzle to your shoes with clip on earrings.

Image sources: Necklace as a Belt, Bracelet as an Anklet, Brooch for Spaghetti Straps, Clip On Earrings on Shoes.

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