DIY Flower Headpiece


I first spotted the flower headpiece sometime during the spring, and I’ll be honest I wasn’t too crazy about it. As the the weather got warmer and I started seeing them on more heads, they grew on me (no pun intended). This flower headpiece is an easy DIY that makes a fun and flirty summer accessory.

The Supplies

  • Craft flowers
  • Elastic
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Velcro
  • Cardboard or scrap fabric for the gluing process


The Steps

Measure the elastic around your head leaving an inch overlap.

headband step2

Line up the velcro with the elastic and cut a one inch piece. Cut the velcro so that it fits the size of your elastic.

Glue the velcro to the end of elastic.

Repeat the last two steps using the other side of the velcro. Make sure the velcro is glued on the other end, AND opposite side of the elastic.

headband step3

Cutting as close to the flower as possible remove any stems and backings.


Place the cardboard or scrap fabric down. Line up your flowers on the elastic.

Headband step5

Individually glue each flower to the elastic.

Let everything dry.headbandfinal

I later decided to remove the center from every other flower.

Which summer outings would you wear a flower headpiece to? Let me know 🙂


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