DIY Pattern Pocket


Pattern pocket tees are trend I’ve noticed popping up in mens fashion, so I decided to give it a go and make my own. This project is a no-sew DIY, and It’s an easy way to add some character to an basic t-shirt. I picked up my t-shirt from Forerver21 for $4.

The Supplies
patternpocket supplies
Patterned Fabric. I used an old halter top.
Fabric glue
Iron (not shown)
Piece of paper or cardboard for the gluing process (not shown)

The Steps

patternpocket step1

Take your pencil and roughly sketch out a pocket shape on your fabric.pocket

Cut out your pocket leaving about an 1/2 an inch of material around the border.

Plug in your iron. Fold down the border on each side, and iron each side down.


Doing one side at a time, glue each edge down.


Cut off the excess folded material at the corners.


Flip the pocket over. Optional, if your pocket is a bit uneven trim and shape the corners.

Decide where you are going to place the pocket on the shirt. Place your scrap material in between the shirt so that the front and back don’t stick together.

pocket gluing

Glue each side of the pocket down.


And you’re done. My pocket is slightly crooked ( I think it adds a bit more character :p), but you can’t really notice when it’s on.


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